Changing the Future of Water!!

"Most do not realize that there is no alternative source of water. "

Water is the essence of life with limited resources. Out of 3% of earth’s freshwater resources, only 0.5% is available for consumption. With increasing world population, the demand for water is rising. No fresh sources of water have been discovered and the present sources are depleting, our future generations may face water crisis.
It is becoming necessary to reduce, recycle and reuse the avaiable water resources for future sustainability



Water is essential for life. We need to understand the importance of clean water and its judicial use in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  
In the Indian context, with an increasing population, the requirement   of potable water is ever increasing. Migration from rural areas to cities in search for better living is only making the situation more difficult. With no new sources of water, we are facing a deep-water crisis in most towns and cities. Water requirement in irrigation accounts for approx. 60% of our freshwater consumption. Climate change due to global warming resulting in unpredictable and uneven monsoon and unbalanced distribution of water across the country, leading to water scarcity and thereby affecting our quality of life.  
Water Conservation and Management is an effective and sustainable solution to use and maintain the present resources of fresh water available to us. Treatment of waste water is an eco-friendly and economical and sustainable solution to our water requirements.  

Centre and State Governments are trying to revive traditional systems of water conservation. Jal Shakti Ministry of the Indian government under “Jal Shakti Abhiyan” is focusing on integrated demand of infrastructure for resource management of ground water, household waste water for re-use in agriculture etc.  
As responsible citizens we must realize and contribute towards water conservation. Water is a great asset to be handed over to our future generations.
Bevels and Edges Private Limited is engaged in water conservation, treatment of waste water and is committed to generate awareness towards water usage and conservation.  


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