Agua Pura Water Filter

Bhubaneshwar based Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology (IMMT) along with Department of Science and Technology (DST) & Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET)  has developed a low-cost water filter called “Terafil” to provide potable water on a mass-scale in rural areas. It is a low-cost burnt red clay porous filter used for treating turbid water. The filter is prepared from a mixture of red clay, river sand and saw dust, removes 99.9% turbidity, 100% of bacteria and 90% of soluble iron, including heavy metals, bad odor and color. The product filters 10 liters of water per hour and can be fitted to any container to make a domestic or community water filter.  

RO water has no minerals and is acidic in nature. Moreover, for every litre of treated water 30% of wastewater is generated which  cannot be reused.
Agua Pura Water Filter is made from Natural Eco-Friendly filter with Nano Based Micro Filtration technology which removes micro-organisms & retains minerals. The Top & Bottom of the container container are made from food grade plastic. 
The Water quality (Turbidity, Iron,Micro Organism etc) of the water filter are as per BIS standards

This is a pure, natural, minerals-based
water purifier which gives pure & healthy
drinking water at ZERO operational
expenses. The filters are made from a
combination of natural minerals coupled
with nano filtration under proprietary
technology from IIMS. Filters have long
life span of 5+ years and are extremely
easy to maintain. No power needed for
operation, no water wastage and ZERO
maintenance cost.