Health Grade Water System

With growing demand for fresh water and depleting ground / natural resources, we are facing an extremely difficult situation.
 Agriculture is a major consumer of water.An estimated 70% of all freshwater withdrawals worldwide were made for agricultural use. With food demand expected to increase with the growth in population and water demand by 2050, solutions are needed that are able to address each of these challenges. Treated waste water can be used in farm and landscaping irrigation, environmental protection, and industrial cooling, groundwater recharge. Advanced technologies are available to make it suitable for Reflushing / consumption. Some countries have already implemented such solutions for Human Drinking.
Water reuse is becoming increasingly important as water scarcity becomes prevalent throughout the world. Whether it’s referred to as water reuse, water recycling, water reclamation, or another name, the resulting purified wastewater can be used in many applications, both potable and non-potable. Water reuse has been slow to catch on, particularly because of the so-called “ick factor.”
Our Health Grade Water system offers safe, secure potable quality water either for consumption or for your chiller plant from the wastewater with the quality that far exceeds your ground water / tanker water. Waste water management provides an viable and eco-friendly solution to waste water treatment.