Eco Water Treatment

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With our Eco Water Treatment, we aim to enhance water quality beyond mere filtration system to amplify flora, fauna and human life by addressing water shortage & contamination issues with advanced water enhancement technology in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way, thereby saving a lot of water. 
Eco Water Treatment has many proven outstanding effects on many applications like industries, concrete mixing, residential, swimming pools, agriculture, packaged food industry, livestock industry, laundry, hospitality, transport industry, public conveniences and many more. 

Technology of Eco Water Treatment
  • Eco-Water Treatment consists of a cylindrical housing containing very special ceramic beads.
  • The beads are made from specific volcanic rocks available only in some areas in Japan.
  • Clean freshwater (without mud, silt, debris) is passed through the system at a specified flow rate.
  • Based on the principle of cat ionizing of water, it reduces both hardness & TDS to a significant level.
  • Flow Rate: 246/317/380(Min/Avg/Max)
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Benefits of Opting for Eco Water Treatment

eco water treatment in hyderabad
Applications of Eco Water Treatment


Eco Water Treatment significantly improves the quality of water used in everyday household activities like washing clothes & dishes, removing hardness of water, adding antioxidants & antimicrobial effects. It also prevents scale & slime from sinks and drain pipes.

Industrial & Commercial

Protects cooling tower installations from adherence of scale, slime & sludge, preventing rust & scale build-up without chemicals. It also reduces the amount of water required for concrete mixing.

Agriculture Poultry Farming

Using water from our Eco Water Treatment helps in increased yield, good quality produce, shorter growing period, reduced fertilizer consumption, soil remediation & reduced water consumption. It is proven that usage of water from Eco Water Treatment reduces morality rate & improving growth rate with less feed among livestock.

Packaged Food Industry

Water of Eco Water Treatment has unique antibacterial & antioxidant properties which will contribute to better quality meat with extended shelf life. It also helps in preserving the purity & freshness of fruits & vegetables.

Swimming Pool

The amount of chlorine added to the water of pools and baths can be greatly reduced by the usage of our Eco Water Treatment. It helps in prevention of pipe corrosion by chlorine. It reduces chlorine damage on human body & eliminates chlorine odour.

Medical Usage

It is fully proven that usage of water from Eco Water Treatment improves the longevity of RO Membrane & can save the patients from any toxic materials. It also prevents scale formation in dental equipment increasing it's longevity. It can be applied to any medical field due to it's strong antioxidation effects.