Water Monitoring and Management System

With depleting ground water / natural water resources management of water usage becomes very critical across all segments. With the implementation of appropriate technology of Smart Water Meter, we can easily measure, monitor and manage our available water resources and its usage.

Wireless Communication Technology

We provide wireless communication technologies like Bluetooth, Wifi, NB-IOT, Lora, GMS.

Spectrum of Sizes

The size of our Smart Water Meter ranges from 15-500 mm.

Smart Water Meter

Self / External Powered

The Smart Water Meter can be self powered or battery operated.

Billing & Report Generation

Bills are automatically generated on a monthly basis and users can pay on the app itself.

Best Smart Water Meter in Hyderabad

Simple Control Panel

Real time information about your apartment’s water meter, individual consumption, trends and billing status is presented to you in an interactive bar chart. Your facility manager can respond to leakages or any other queries quicker than before. Multiple source monitoring option allows you to seemlessly monitor the output of your ground bore well and municipal water in one single window.

Benefits of Opting for Smart Water Meter

Benefits of Smart Water Meter

Your Consumption Details on the Screen you love most!

You can view per inlet consumption, historical or average consumption or even make comparisons with your neighbor.
Needless to say, you will get notified for your bills and any leakage alerts.

Real Time Information of Water Consumption