Smart Water Level Sensor

With Smart Water Level Sensor Monitoring solutions, you can remotely monitor liquid level inside the tank/reservoir in real-time. The Smart Water Level Sensor allow you to access the fluid level information, temperature, and RH on mobile phones as well as desktops. Using these solutions, you will be able to manage inventory effectively. 

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End-to-End IoT Solution

We provide the hardware and the software which makes us a one-stop shop for level monitoring solutions.

Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

It provides real-time data which allows you to make intelligent business decisions in real-time. Get instant alerts whenever the level of your tank goes below or beyond anticipated limits.

Withstands environmental challenges

The hardware is sturdy enough to sustain harsh environments such as high temperature/humidity.

Easy to operate and install

We personalize the solution for you which makes it easy to operate. All the relevant information will be available on a single dashboard.

Shows the tank levels at a glance

It comes with a centralized dashboard on which you will get all the important information.

Accurately measures the liquid level in the tank based on distance

This sensor is very accurate and reliable which allows our level monitoring system to measure the level inside a tank very precisely.

Simple Control Panel

You can access the dashboards to get real-time information and advanced analytics on your mobile phones as well as desktop. You can also define threshold limits for your inventory levels, so whenever the level goes beyond or less than pre-defined limits, you get alerts via app, SMS, and Emails.

Real time information of smart water level meter

Benefits of Opting for Smart Water Level Sensor

Benefits of smart water level sensor

Your Consumption Details on the Screen you love most!

Get alerted the moment fill level deviates from threshold limit. Set the alerts based on minimum inventory levels to get immediate alerts. Ensure your water security with a reliable alerting system. Get immediate alerts about the temperature deviations. 

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